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CCAs / PE Dept

CCAs / PE Dept



Every Child a Sportsperson


To develop the child holistically under the CAMPS domains by inculcating the school’s values through active participation in physically and healthy activities.


Co Curriculum Activities (CCAs)
CCAs play an important role in developing our pupils holistically. Through CCA, pupils discover their interests and talents. Friendships are forged among peers from diverse backgrounds as they learn, play and grow together. At the same time, pupils develop values and competencies that will prepare them for a rapidly changing world. Participation in CCA fosters social integration and deepens pupils’ sense of belonging, commitment and sense of responsibility to school, community and nation.

Sports Day
In EDP, we have two separate Sports Days to provide greater opportunity for more pupils to participate actively in the various sporting events.  The events and games are also customized to the meet to the different ability and needs of the Lower Primary and Upper Primary pupils.
Endeavour Programmes for Active Learning (EPAL)

SwimSafer Programme
SwimSafer is a national water safety program developed to raise the standard of swimming proficiency in Singapore. This program will help evolve your child from a non-swimmer into a good swimmer. In EDP, all pupils in Primary 3 are encouraged to participate in the programme.

CCA Experience@EDP
CCA Experience is about providing opportunities for Primary 3 pupils to have an experience of the various CCAs. The pupils will experience the selected CCAs for two weeks period before making their decision in choosing a CCA for themselves.

During the respective recesses, sports equipment are made available for our pupils to play in a supervised environment as part of the Play@Recess programme. Pupils are encouraged to make new friends from other classes, share the equipment and play together. Play@ Recess allows our pupils to further enhance their SEL competencies.

Sports Enrichment Programmes for Primary 4 and Primary 5 (SEP)
The SEP aims to advocate the importance of sports education, encourage sports participation and increase sporting opportunities for the pupils. Sports programmes under SEP should cater for development of skills and sports knowledge of pupils and help promote active participation of sports in schools. These programmes promote team spirit and character building, and arouse interest in continual sports participation amongst pupils.


Health Education

In promoting holistic health, our pupils are provided with a wide variety of interesting and engaging Health Education programmes. These programmes are aimed to equip our pupils with relevant skills and enable them to make responsible decisions in taking charge of their health. Some of these programmes include:

– Apple Day / Fruit Day, a day where students and staff get free apple or fruit to encourage having fruits as healthy snacks

– Health Assembly Progamme, a regular Health programme to remind pupils of healthy eating

– Blood Pressure Awareness Programme for P5 pupils to raise awareness on the importance of monitoring their own blood pressure.

– Our pupils are allowed to bring a blood pressure monitoring kit home to help take the blood pressure of their family members.

– Dental Talk by our school Dental Therapist on good oral hygiene

– Temperature-taking exercises to remind on safeguarding individual health and social responsibility

– Physical and Health Education Monitors’ visit to the Health Promotion Board


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