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Math Department

Math Department

Cognitively Capable – MATHEMATICS


Nurturing confident and curious individuals who are both independent problem solvers and team players


We plan to prepare our pupils for life by providing them with the essential Mathematical knowledge and developing
their thinking skills.

Endeavour Mathematical Experience

Lower Primary Learning Experience

To enhance the understanding of Mathematical concepts, there will be many opportunities for your child to work with concrete manipulative. The teachers will relate the concepts to everyday things around the pupils so that they see the relevance of Mathematics in their daily lives. In this way, the learning of Mathematics becomes meaningful and authentic for them. Your child will also learn to explain how he solves Math problems through regular Math journaling.

Activity-based Learning for Lower Primary 2016

Interactive Math Exchange Zone (IMEZ) @ EDP
To excite pupils in problem solving, a corner was created where your child has the opportunity to try out various games to hone his or her problem solving skills. Your child will have the opportunity to play games on the available Ipads as well as loan out games to play and challenge friends. The games are carefully selected to enhance skills like logical thinking, sequential thinking and visual spatialisation as well as problem solving attitudes such as perseverance and diligence. The corner is available to your child thrice weekly during recess.

Maths Trail @ EDP

In 2015, EDP started to embark on Maths Trail@EDP. During the Maths Trail, pupils explore, in small groups, 4-5 areas of interest within the school environment. Following several of these classroom explorations and follow-up class discussions, our pupils venture outside to solve maths questions at 4-5 named locations. Pupils need to carry out certain activities in order to be able to solve the maths trail questions. ICT was also incorporated into the Maths Trail to make it even more fun and exciting for the pupils.
Maths trail@EDP was also designed to link strands and strand units of the mathematics curriculum so that pupils are able to make meaningful connections between what they learn in class and the reality of the outside world. Both students and teachers had lots of fun and excitement taking part and organizing the Maths trail respectively. This trail is designed to show young people and families that maths is related to the real world around them and that while challenging, maths can be enjoyable.

Competitions & Quizzes

This year, in addition to having our own internal school quizzes, our pupils also took part in various external school competitions. The pupils gained good experience, exposure and meaningful insights taking part in the competitions.

Math Exploration Day at RGS

Three of our P6 pupils took part in the Math Exploration Day at Raffles Girls Secondary School on the 31 March 2015. They are Jovan Ang and Exley Yun from 6A and Denzel Chia from 6B. The event was organised by the Gifted Education Branch. Our pupils got to select a variety of fun and interesting workshops to attend as well as took part in a team activity. It was an enriching experience for the pupils.

Solving the ‘Tower of Hanoi’ Puzzle

Hmmm… How do I solve this?

Let’s get the red car out of the jam.

Primary Schools Mathematics Challenge

Four P6 pupils recently took part in the Primary School Mathematics Challenge at National Junior Challenge. They got the opportunity to pit their Math skills against the best in Singapore. It was challenging as they had to come up with a math model based on the project assigned as well as show off their presentation skills. Though they did not win, they gained a wealth of experience from the competition. Well done, boys!

Great minds at work!

Our boys: Camillus Low and Rodney Wang from 6A, Melden Koh and Chew Hong Wei from 6B.

9th Inter-Schools Sudoku Challenge

Four pupils from P5 recently took part in the Inter-Schools Sudoku Challenge organised by Broadrick Secondary School on the 31st March 2015. This is the first time we are taking part in this competition and our pupils did the school proud by coming in 2nd Runner-up!  Good job! We are proud of you!

Our Sudoku Experts: Sean Oh 5B, Chew Kai En 5E, Sharon Soh 5A and Wang YuQi 5A

Raffles Girls’ Secondary  Maths & Science Challenge 2015

On 4 April 2015, 12 of our P6 girls took part in the Raffles Girls’ Secondary  Maths & Science Challenge.  They had the opportunity to demonstrate intellectual resilience as well as hone their critical thinking skills as they attempted to solve higher order thinking questions.

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