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English Department

English Department

Department Vision: Every Child A Confident Speaker and Writer
Department Mission: To promote a positive attitude towards English learning in pupils while strengthening both their language and reading skills

Endeavour Primary School has implemented the new English language curriculum known as STELLAR
(Strategies for English Language Learning and Reading). This initiative by the Ministry of Education
(formerly known as SEED EL) has been
running well in the school since 2008.

STELLAR places an emphasis on reading and enjoyment of the language. Thus, in place of English textbooks,
prescribed thematic story books are used to teach pupils the skills of reading, writing, listening and speaking.
The use of engaging stories helps to maintain the pupils’ interest in the language. The STELLAR Pedagogic Model
is made up of a few major teaching strategies:-

For each of these strategies, there will be a range of activities that will approach language both
‘holistically’ as well as in parts. This is where phonics, grammar, vocabulary, spelling and punctuation
can be taught explicitly. In this model, there is a weaving between ‘whole’ and ‘parts’ in the teaching and learning
of English.


Our LSP aims to help pupils with the need to improve their literacy and numeracy skills. This is achieved by placing
pupils into a smaller and more focused group teaching during curriculum time. There is a Buddy Reading session every
Monday to Wednesday morning where the better readers from the upper levels will read to their buddies in the lower levels.


Our Endeavour Learning Centre has a full-time Library Assistant who sees to the day-to-day operation of the school library.
Student librarians and parent volunteers are recruited There is also a Library Instruction Programme for all the classes.
English teachers take their pupils to the library and teach them about library etiquette and how to use the library effectively.
Termly thematic activities are conducted in the library to improve readership. Every month, the top reader and the class with the
highest readership from each level will be acknowledged.

Knowledge Building in English
The Knowledge Building pedagogy is used in the teaching of Stimulus-Based Conversation. Pupils collaborate with one another to build on and expand their knowledge on a given theme through the Knowledge Forum. This platform encourages self-directed learning where pupils can post their views online and read their peers’ comments using specially designed Conversational Scaffolds. Through Knowledge Building pedagogy, our pupils have deepened their knowledge about the theme and are able to express their ideas coherently.

Every Child A Writer (ECAW) Programme
In Endeavour Primary, we value all our pupils’ writing pieces. Our ECAW is a platform in which all our pupils’ works are recognized. The Class Publication, in which we publish every pupil’s writing, is published online in our school’s website and Our Budding Writer’s Publication (booklet) seeks to celebrate the works of the outstanding writers in each class and level.

Harnessing Technology – Podcasting
We want pupils to become self-directed and collaborative in their learning by harnessing technology to become confident users of the language. Our belief is that the move towards virtual learning will assist pupils in developing the 3Cs (Confidence, Curiosity & Cooperation). Our lower primary pupils are introduced to the software Audacity. Our pupils do their own podcasting to improve oracy. This initiative serves as an alternative assessment to oral. This approach allows for self-directed learning and brings about improvement in pupils’ reading skills through peer and teacher assessment. Pupils are involved in reviewing their own performance through self-checklists as well. This increases their confidence to communicate better.

EL Literature Programme
A Literature Programme for Primary 3 to Primary 5 pupils which explores selected texts in greater depth through a series of activities. The selected texts include Charlie and the Chocolate Factory by Roald Dahl, Dear Mr. Henshaw by Beverly Cleary and The One and Only Ivan by Katherine Applegate.

Endeavour Reading Programme
Positive attitude towards reading is achieved through a range of interesting activities. Pupils visit the school library weekly during curriculum time and our teachers conduct reading sessions using guided readers to expand their reading diet. Thematic book displays in the school are held to introduce pupils to books of different genres and themes.

Our community partner, the National Library Board, updates the teachers and pupils on the current reading trends through our termly storytelling sessions. Pupils’ imaginations are fueled by activities like folktales, storytelling using origami and sing-a-longs. Positive feedback shared by teachers stated that the activities engaged pupils to read from a refreshing perspective.

To fuel interest in reading, activities such as the creation of a favourite 3-dimensional book character using plasticine,  writing their own versions of a book title and a Dare-to-Read challenge were organized. Participants were highly engaged and the element of fun in these actvities generated much curiosity and a deeper appreciation for reading.


Selected pupils have been identified to take part in the N7 Cluster Scrabble
Challenge, Essay Writing Competitions and the JAL Haiku Contests.

Assessment Mode
Primary 1 – PERI Holistic Assessment
Primary 2 – SA1 / SA2
Primary 3 – CA1-2 (Alternative Assessments) ; SA1 / SA2
Primary 4 – CA1-2 (Alternative Assessments) ; SA1 / SA2
Primary 5 – CA1 / CA2 / SA1 / SA2
Primary 5 – CA1 / SA1 / Prelimary Examinations

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