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Visual Arts Department

Visual Arts Department



To instill in pupils a life-long interest in the Arts


To develop every child to be a confident and expressive individual


Meaningful arts experiences make a significant difference to students’ lives. Through Arts, our children

express their uniqueness, thoughts and feelings; make new connections with others; and make new

discoveries through exploration and experimentation.

The modular curriculum in our school provides our Primary 1 to 6 students an exposure to varied art

forms such as the Drawing & Painting; Printmaking; 3-Dimensional Modelling; and Digital Art modules.

The annual Primary Five Every-Child-an-Artist Exhibition is held in our Endeavour Art Gallery, a visual arts

space created as an additional platform for display, appreciation, promotion and study of our students’

art as well as to build our school as a hub for visual arts.

Our Every-Child-an-Artist initiative reflects our firm belief in the artistic voice of every child, that every

child is and can be an artist.

3D Modelling



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