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Performing Arts Department

Performing Arts Department


Vision :

Every Child A Performer
Mission :

To ignite and nurture the pupils’ passion in Music and the Performing Arts by providing them opportunities to express themselves creatively through playing, creating and performing music.


Through the Endeavour Music programmes, students hone their listening and appreciation skills to respond and engage with new musical experiences in the society throughout their lives.  Musical activities enrich pupils’ understanding of their own culture and traditions whilst celebrating the diversity around them.
In Endeavour, the General Music Programme provides students a foundation in a range of musical skills and knowledge. Apart from the General Music Programmes, Music Enrichment programmes are organised for Primary One to Six. The programme includes modules covering choral, dance and musical instruments. These modules focus on acquisition of general and specific music skills as well as on appreciation of different musical forms.
Primary One – Choral Singing
Primary Two – Ethnic Dance
Primary Three – Guitar Stage 1
Primary Four – Guitar Stage 2
Primary Five – Drums Around the World
Primary Six – Modern Dance

In order to promote a pervasive singing culture and an appreciation of different genres of music within the school, the school also holds weekly pre-assembly Community Singing and After-Recess Sing-a-long sessions.
The school also holds monthly Talent Showcase, EDP FAME. The monthly showcase provides a platform for the pupils to perform for their peers in the library.   EDP FAME seeks to groom talented and interested young musicians by showcasing their talents in school, at cluster or other appropriate local platforms allowing them to lead in musical programmes.

Guitar Lesson

Recorder Lesson

Drumming lesson

Modern Dance Perfomance


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