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ECHP (Every Child Holistic Programme)

ECHP (Every Child Holistic Programme)

The Every Child Holistic Programme (ECHP) seeks to bring out the latent potential in our pupils. School is not just about performing well in the examinations. We also want to develop the pupils holistically in cognitive, aesthetic, moral, physical and social aspects.

In Endeavour, we want every child to be a Leader, a Writer, a Performer, an Artist and a Responsible Citizen. The ECHP supports this.

Every child is a Leader in school

All our pupils are given leadership roles and tasks to fulfil. We monitor their leadership capabilities and train them to be more effective and caring leaders. The pupils’ performance is assessed by their teachers and recorded in their Holistic Development Profile.

Every child is a Writer

Every child has his or her writing compiled in booklets and uploaded onto our school website. The pupils can read their essays online as well as those of the other classes. We hope they can become confident writers with a sense of pride in their writing.

Every child is a Performer

Every term, the school sets aside a special day, Rainbow Day, for pupils to showcase their talents. This will help build their self-confidence and courage in performing in front of large audiences. Parents are invited to view their performance. Pupils come to school in clothes of their choice and this adds to the gaiety of the events.

Every child is an Artist

The school believes that every child is capable of producing a good piece of artwork. Each child’s artwork is displayed around the school and on the school’s Art blog.

Every child is a Responsible Citizen

We involve every child actively in the Community Involvement Programme (CIP) and National Education (NE) Programme. We believe our pupils should do their part for the nation and community.

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