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School Rules

School Rules

1. General Conduct

1.1. All pupils should uphold the core values of the school

1.2. All pupils should be polite, courteous and well-behaved at all times

1.3. All pupils should greet the teachers and visitors when they see them

1.4. All pupils should be orderly and self-disciplined at all times

1.5. All pupils should not speak dialects in school

1.6. All pupils should be punctual for school and all school activities

1.7 All pupils should take care of the school property

2. General Conduct

2.1. Attendance is compulsory for all pupils on school days. No pupil should leave early for holidays before the term closes

2.2. Absence from school must be covered by medical certificate which should be handed to the form teacher when the pupil returns

3. Leaving School During School Hours
3.1. All pupils are to remain in school during school hours unless their parents come personally and obtain permission from the Principal / Vice-Principal to leave school

3.2. Pupils who are sick and would like to leave early should be accompanied by an adult

3.3. Parents / Guardians who need to take their child home must sign out at the general office

4. Assembly / Pledge Taking

4.1. All pupils who are Singapore Citizens must sing the National Anthem and take the Pledge. Pupils will take the Pledge with the right fist placed over the heart

4.2. All late comers as well as parents / visitors, who are on the school premises, should stand at attention during the singing of the National Anthem and Pledge taking

5. School Uniform

5.1. All pupils must wear the prescribed school uniform and PE attire with the name tag on the right hand side adjacent to our school name which is on the left. Modification of the school uniform is not allowed

5.2. If there is a leg injury, pupils are allowed to wear sandals instead of their school shoes

5.3. All pupils must be in their school uniform at all school activities unless the school indicates otherwise

6. Hair and Personal Hygiene
6.1. Hair must be neat and tidy at all times

6.2. Male pupils must be neat in appearance, clean shaven and no facial hair is allowed

6.3. Boys’ hair should be short and neat

6.4. Girls’ hair should be above base of collar or neatly plaited up if long

6.5. Fringes should be neat and above the eyebrows

6.6. Nails should be kept short and clean

7. Classroom Conduct
7.1. All pupils must stand up and greet the teacher when he / she enters or leaves the classroom

7.2. All pupils must leave the classroom during recess, except for those performing recess duties or if a teacher is present

7.3. All fans and lights must be switched off when leaving the classroom

7.4. All pupils must seek permission from the teacher and obtain a toilet pass before leaving the classroom during lessons

7.5. No pupils are allowed to eat or drink in the classroom

8. Recess

8.1. All pupils should queue up in an orderly manner when purchasing food

8.2. All food and drinks must be consumed within the school canteen

8.3. Pupils should try to help the younger schoolmates to carry or buy their food

8.4. Used crockery should be returned to the respective trolleys at the side of the canteen

8.5. All pupils must finish their food / drinks before the recess ends

8.6. All pupils should help to maintain the cleanliness of the school canteen by throwing all litter into the bins provided

8.7. All pupils are to assemble at the canteen immediately after recess before proceeding to their classrooms

9. Valuables

9.1. Pupils should not bring valuables to school

9.2. Pupils should not bring electronic games, cards and toys to the school

9.3. Pupils should not bring excessive pocket money to school


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