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Homework Policy

Homework Policy

Endeavour Primary School



Homework plays an important role in strengthening pupils’ learning and overall development.   Homework assignments are set to enable pupils to revisit what has been learnt in class and to practise the skills taught. This would help to increase retention of learning, deepen pupils’ understanding and prepare them for future lessons. Through homework, pupils can develop self-discipline and cultivate good study habits and positive attitude towards learning.


The school seeks to support pupils to benefit from homework. To maximise the benefits of homework, pupils should:

  • refer to the Homework Corner on the whiteboard in the classroom for homework assignments
  • record homework assignments in the Pupil’s Handbook
  • understand what is expected for each homework assignment and questions to clarify expectations
  • inform the teacher if a homework assignment is not understood or if there should be difficulty in completing the assignment on time
  • ensure that homework is brought home to be completed and submitted on time
  • set aside time at home to complete homework
  • complete homework assignments to the best of their ability, in proper form, legibly written, and check for errors before submission


The school seeks to work closely with parents to support their children in their learning:  Parents can provide support by:

  • creating a home environment free from distraction and conducive for studying
  • setting a regular uninterrupted study time each day
  • reminding your child to complete the school homework
  • supervising your child in doing homework assignments
  • checking your child’s Pupil’s Handbook for the daily homework assignments
  • encouraging and praising your children for completing homework
  • working in partnership with teachers to support your children’s learning and   development.


The school adopts the following guidelines to ensure that pupils are able to manage their homework load:

  1. The school is mindful that excessive homework can have a negative impact on the students’ holistic development and well-being. Teachers have worked out an estimated amount of time that pupils would spend to complete their homework assignments daily. It would range from 30 minutes for Primary 1 pupils to 2 hours for Primary 6 pupils.
  2. Teachers teaching the same class coordinate and monitor homework load. The Homework Corner on whiteboard in class is used to record homework assignments for the class. Pupils are to use their Pupil’s Handbook to record homework.
  3. Homework assignments will not be given over festive periods, e.g. Chinese New Year, Deepavali and Hari Raya Puasa.  Spelling Test will also not be conducted on the school day after the festive period.
  4. English and Mother Tongue Spelling Test (and Science Spelling for P3 to P6) will not be conducted on the same day.
  5. Pupils who are unable to complete class work will be required to complete it at home.
  6. Teachers are mindful not to overload pupils with homework on CCA days and during the week before Semestral Assessment (SA1 or SA2). Pupils are to use the time to prepare themselves to sit for the various SA papers. .
  7. During the school holidays, the amount of homework assignments given would be coordinated and moderated to ensure that pupils are able to take a break from formal learning and enjoy their holidays.
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